Tomorrow News Network: A to Z

Hello, friends!  At long last, I’m ready to announce my theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge.  And that theme is:

Tomorrow News Network is my own Sci-Fi adventure series, featuring time traveling journalist Talie Tappler, her cyborg cameraman Mr. Cognis, and the many high-profile news stories they cover across the space-time continuum.

Robot uprisings?  Alien invasions?  Mass extinction events?  Talie and Cognis will be there.  In fact, being time travelers, Talie and Cognis tend to show up before such cataclysmic events occur.

For the A to Z Challenge, I’ll introduce you to some of the characters (M is for Milo Marrero) and settings (L is for Litho Colony) that will appear in Tomorrow News Network, book one.  We’ll also explore some of the big concepts (J is for journalistic integrity) and small details (D is for digi-stream downloads) that will feature prominently in the Tomorrow News Network series going forward.

So on Wednesday, April 1st, we’ll kick things off by meeting a faceless mega-corporation that’s mining alien planets for their resources.  Also on Wednesday, it’ll be Insecure Writer’s Support Group day, and I’ll reveal my secret ulterior motives for picking my own story universe for this year’s A to Z Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow News Network: A to Z

  1. Brilliant premise – your story can literally go anywhere. I recall reading that the original pitch for Doctor Who was pitched as after-school education; one set of episodes would teach about an ancient culture, and alternate with episodes about science that would be set in space. Of course, it quickly diverted to Daleks and such things (thankfully.) I’m already feeling your protag – I hope she gets some sensible shoes to take on her journeys.

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    1. Tomorrow News Network has some things in common with Doctor Who. A few of the T.N.N. stories I’m working on actually started out as Doctor Who fan fiction. As for Talie’s shoes, well… Talie would be considered “on-air talent,” and I’ve never known on-air talent to dress sensibly.

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