Orbiting the Blogosphere: The Betelgeuse Supernova and Other Spacey Stuff

Hello, friends!

Last week ended up being kind of a research poor week for me.  So today I thought we’d take a look at what some other spacey and sciency bloggers have been up to.

First up, Matthew Wright has a post about Betelgeuse, a red giant star in the constellation Orion.  Betelgeuse is about to go supernova!  Or maybe not.  Probably not, actually.  Click here for more!

And speaking of Betelgeuse, if it were to go supernova, what would the resulting Betelgeuse nebula look like?  How visible would it be to us here on Earth?  Starman over at Starman’s Meanderings has done some math for us.  Click here!

Meanwhile, SpaceX has been launching a whole lot of shiny new satellites for their Starlink Internet service.  But those shiny new satellites are too shiny, it turns out, and they’re already causing problems for astronomers.  Steve Hurley over at Explaining Science explains that science.  Click here!

And lastly, but not leastly, Fran from My Hubble Abode pays tribute to the Spitzer Space Telescope, recently decommissioned by NASA.  Click here for that.

And if you’ve seen any cool space or science blogs recently, be sure to share in the comments below.  The more we can share our love for space and for science, the better!

Next time on Planet Pailly, there’s one super important lesson about writing that I really should have learned by now.  We’ll talk about that in this month’s posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

9 thoughts on “Orbiting the Blogosphere: The Betelgeuse Supernova and Other Spacey Stuff

    1. You’re very welcome! I love the stuff you’re doing with your blog! The Betelgeuse thing is very interesting, but I don’t expect much will actually happen. At least not in the near future. But in the off chance that something does happen, wow! It’ll be spectacular!

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  1. Obviously show dont tell… easier said than done and the senses, always use them when writing. Hearing, touch, smell, sight and taste? Its amazing what they can do with telescopes these days. I do hope scientists learn something totally amazing soon, like where God lives. Meanwhile speculation is rife at Amazon.

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