New Writing Rule: Add More Sci-Fi

I have a new writing rule.  This is a just-for-me kind of rule.  I’m not advocating that other people should do this; but in my own writing life, I’ve learned that if I’m working on a story and I’m not loving it, I probably need to add more Sci-Fi.

A while back, I had a story idea.  It started with a writing prompt from Fiction Can Be Fun.  It’s a very old writing prompt, apparently.  When I went looking for that prompt so I could link to it (I did eventually find it: click here), I discovered it was from November of 2017.  This story has been gestating in my brain for almost a full year!

Anyway, in the original story concept I had a brother and sister go out on an aurora chasing tour.  They get into an argument.  The brother sort of makes a fool of himself, and the sister has a dramatic and poignant revelation about the beauty of nature.

But you know what?  I wasn’t loving that story.  I never got very far with it.  So I followed my new writing rule and added more Sci-Fi.

Today I’m pleased to share with you part one of what I intend to be a three part series called “Dialogue with a Cyborg.”  Click here to start reading!

P.S.: A special thank you to David and Andrea for helping me with the final edits.

5 thoughts on “New Writing Rule: Add More Sci-Fi

  1. When I got the notification of the like I was rather surprised but was going to get in touch to encourage you to write something, when I fell across this. Yay! So pleased to have inspired you with that original photo, even if it turned into something very different than your original plans! I really like it when prompts do that, don’t you? 🙂

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