Earth Day and the Value of Planetary Science

What a fun coincidence that Earth day happens to fall in the middle of Earth month here on Planet Pailly! I thought we’d take a moment to see how some of the other planets in the Solar System have helped us better understand and appreciate the planet we call home.

Ap10 Earth Day


NASA’s original mission statement included the words “to understand and protect the home planet.” One of the best ways to learn about Earth is to compare and contrast it with its neighbors. We’re just beginning to locate Earth-like planets orbiting other stars, which will no doubt teach us even more.

And that is one of the big reasons why it’s worth celebrating planetary science on Earth Day.

5 thoughts on “Earth Day and the Value of Planetary Science

  1. James, have you ever thought about putting these together in a book? They are so wonderful, and I can totally see this being used in Science classes. I love “I wish I still had oceans.”


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