Molecular Mondays

Today, I’m announcing a brand new series here on Planet Pailly called Molecular Mondays. Posts in this series will feature specific atoms or molecules, the basic building blocks of our universe.

Fe10 Molecules

I originally conceived the idea for this series several years ago, but I chickened out before I even started writing it.

In school, I took honors biology, honors chemistry, and honors physics. I did well in biology. I did really well in physics, and if not for my greater passion for art and literature, I probably would have pursued a career as a physicist.

But chemistry… I barely passed chemistry. I think I averaged a D+, which became a C- thanks to the generosity of my professor. So yeah… by introducing a chemistry series on my blog, I’m stepping way outside my comfort zone.

But just because a subject is difficult for me doesn’t mean I can keep ignoring it. Almost everything that happens in this universe happens because of chemicals and chemical reactions. If I really want to be a better science fiction writer, I need to learn some of this stuff.

So every other Monday, I’ll be trying my best to handle the atoms and molecules that constitute our physical universe. Two weeks from today, as we continue our ongoing exploration of the Solar System, we’ll take a look at Venus’s infamous sulfuric acid clouds and the chemical processes that ensures that those clouds never, ever go away.

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