A Sciency Collaboration

I’m happy to announce that Sci-Fi Ideas has picked up my Sciency Words series as a new, regular feature on their website. I’ve been reading Sci-Fi Ideas for a few years now, and their articles are great for getting the creative juices going. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be joining their team.

Sciency Words MATH

The emphasis of science fiction is and always must be good storytelling. But as mentioned in a recent Sci-Fi Ideas podcast, science fiction writers do have some obligation to try to get the science part right.

As I do my research, trying my best to become a better Sci-Fi writer, I’m often struck by the diverse and colorful lexicon of scientific terminology I encounter. And that’s why I started writing Sciency Words: to celebrate all the strange, new words science has given us.

For now, Sci-Fi Ideas is reposting older editions of Sciency Words, and they picked some of my favorites. Today, it’s a piece I wrote on orbital vocabulary for last year’s science in video games series.

4 thoughts on “A Sciency Collaboration

    1. I’ll still be posting here as well. For now, Sci-Fi Ideas are just reposting my old material. I think the plan is that eventually, they’ll catch up and then we’ll be posting the same thing on the same day.

      Of course you should follow their website anyway because they post a lot of neat stuff. In particular, I think you’d enjoy their “Starting Points” series.

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