Sciency Words: The Other Kind of Tensor

Sciency Words PHYS copy

Sciency Words is a special series here on Planet Pailly where we take a look at new and interesting scientific terms to help us all expand our scientific vocabularies together. Today’s word is:

TENSOR (anatomy)

In last week’s edition of Sciency Words, we looked at what a tensor is in physics. Or at least we tried to since I don’t fully understand the concept yet. Today, we’re looking at tensors in terms of anatomy.

A tensor is a muscle that tenses a body part.

That’s it! We’re done here! Why does the physics version have to be so frickin’ complicated?

2 thoughts on “Sciency Words: The Other Kind of Tensor

  1. Einsteins equations has revealed mathematical solutions for unlocking the bizare properties of rotating black holes. All is not what it seems. I think we need the tomorrow news network on the case.

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