2 thoughts on “Why I Wrote “The Orion War”

  1. Religion has evolved over the millennia; from deification and anthropomorphization of inanimate objects; to a pantheon of man-like beings; to a single being; to a guiding force. Ideas of an afterlife have also evolved.

    Religion satisfies a deep psychological need for answers to some of the mysteries of life; and as such, will probably not be “outgrown” as long as humans have the biological brains they do. Since there will probably always be mysteries, there will probably always be religion (or some such belief in a value system that cannot be proven to exist). However, as we learn more about our world, and ask new questions, religion will have to evolve to answer those new questions. In the future, our conclusions about how the world was created, what (if anything) guides it, and what our eventual fate will be, may change radically from what it is today.

    Of course, there will be some who espouse these ideas, and others who will deny them. Religion may become more fringe; or, depending on its future form, may be accepted by the majority of humanity. Only time will tell.


    1. “Fringe” is probably a good term to discribe the Christian community we meet in “Orion War.”

      What will religion really look like in the future? I don’t know. I’m sure it will be very different than what it is today, but I just find it hard to believe it will ever go away entirely.


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