IWSG: Following the Dream

InsecureWritersSupportGroupToday’s post is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, a blog hop hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh.  It’s a way for insecure writers like myself give each other advice and encouragement.  Click here to see a full list of participating blogs.

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Back in July, I took a leap of faith.  I switched from a full time job to a part time position, giving myself more time to focus on my twin passions of writing and illustrating.  It was a scary moment in my life, despite the financial precautions I took to ensure I wouldn’t end up a homeless beggar on the street corner.  Now it’s December, and I’ve learned that this writing/illustrating lifestyle I’ve chosen is harder than I expected, but it’s also more rewarding.

When I took that leap of faith, I imposed several deadlines on myself, but I underestimated how much time I needed to recover from the stress of my old job.  I worked in the broadcast news business (and I still do, just on a part time basis).  Anyone who’s worked in news will you how demanding it can be, both mentally and physically.  It’s taken me the past five months just to become a normal human being again (and I’m not convinced I’m 100% back yet).  As a result, I’ve missed most of my deadlines.

The good news is that I also underestimated my financial preparedness, the result of overestimating my living expenses.  Going forward, the only factor that remains unaccounted for is the cost of health insurance (the Obamacare website keeps crashing on me).  But for the moment, I don’t really have to worry about money.  That’s been very reassuring, allowing me to focus on restoring my humanity.

So right now, my writing/illustrating income is zero.  I’m way behind schedule for finishing the Tomorrow News Network anthology, and the Obamacare website is super frustrating.  And yet, things are going okay.  Despite all the problems I’m facing, I’m more committed to my writing than ever.  My friends and family tell me I look healthier.  I feel better about myself, and I’m optimistic about what will happen in 2014.  Taking that leap of faith frightened me, and some of my fears were justified, but now I’m finding that following my dreams is easier than I’d expected.

9 thoughts on “IWSG: Following the Dream

  1. Wow! What an exciting journey you’re on. Getting yourself mentally ready for writing is key–don’t underestimate how crucial that is. I find I can’t create anything lasting if I’m stressed. Good luck with your creative endeavors! I’m rooting for you!
    –December IWSG co-host


    1. Thanks, Kim! I do feel like I am now in the right state of mind for writing (or at least very close to it). Hopefully that means I can start catching up on all those deadlines I’ve missed.


  2. Like Alex I too would advise that you believe in that leap of faith you have taken. It will be a slow journey, but the income will flow. Initially it may be a small amount, but over time it will grow. Writing or rather getting published is not easy.


    1. You’re right, it has been a slow journey, but right now, I finally feel like I’m picking up steam, or there’s wind in my sails, or some other appropriate metaphor. Anyway, I’m more confident about my future today than I was a few months ago, partly thanks to the advice and encouragement I get from IWSG.


  3. Wow! That is a leap of faith. It’s great to hear that now your health is improving because of the change. Good luck with all your endeavors!

    Do you have a portfolio I can browse? Like Deviant art or something?


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