Science fiction nerds like me have a lot to be excited about in the new year.  Here’s a short list.

    • Filming begins on the next Star Trek movie, and I’m sure we’ll hear lots of juicy rumors before its release in 2013.
    • The Star Wars movies are returning to theatres, this time in 3D.  The Phantom Menace comes out in February.
    • The movie adaptation of The Hunger Games comes out in March.  It looks like one of those rare and exciting cases where Hollywood decided to stick to the original book as much as possible.
    • Ridley Scott’s Prometheus comes out in June, and looking at the trailer it seems like a prequel to Alien.
  • Doctor Who, Series 7 comes out in the fall.  Matt Smith will continue to play the Eleventh Doctor, and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill (Amy and Rory) will make an appearance, but it is not yet clear if they will be the Doctor’s companions through the full series.

And of course, starting January 9th you’ll be able to read my new short story series, The Tomorrow News Network (click here to visit the website).  Each month, I will post a new story featuring time traveler and journalist Talie Tappler and her cyborg cameraman, Mr. Cognis.  I hope you’ll have as much fun reading about their adventures as I’ve had writing them.

Everybody have a safe and happy 2012.  May the Force be with you, live long and prosper, etc, etc…

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  1. Jen says:

    As long as the movie has the same hottie in it from before i *MIGHT* watch…
    meanwhile.. i’ll be on tomorrow news networks website like feathers on a duck!


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