Special Announcement – The Tomorrow News Network

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and loyal readers, I am pleased to announce the beginning of my new writing project.

The Tomorrow News Network is a series of short stories featuring time traveler and journalist Talie Tappler.  She arrives at her stories before they begin, knowing in advance exactly what will happen, who will live, and who will die.  As a journalist, she can only observe and, because of her journalist’s code of ethics, cannot interfere.

I have spent most of my career working in TV News, and this series is partially based on my experiences.  At its heart, The Tomorrow News Network is about the real role of journalists.  Should they simply inform the public without commentary and let the people decide (as Fox News and MSNBC do not), or do they have a responsibility to fight against injustice?  To act as the voice of the people challenging those in power?

I hope you will come visit my new website, tomorrownewsnetwork.com, to read these stories.  The first will be posted January 9th, 2012, and a new story will appear each month after that until October.

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