Unicorns are Real!

Back in January, I pitched an idea to Mark Ball, the editor of Sci-Fi Ideas, for an article about unicorns. What if unicorns were real? What might these animals be like from an evolutionary biology perspective?


I must confess that my initial enthusiasm for this article (ask any of my friends; I was hyper-enthusiastic about unicorns back in January and February) soon waned. The research… the writing… What made me think I knew anything about evolutionary biology? Why did I pitch this crazy idea in the first place?

I can’t thank Mark enough for being patient with me while I struggled through this project. The final article came out yesterday on Sci-Fi Ideas. As it so happens, it ended up being a nice tie-in for Sci-Fi Ideas’ Alien August contest—a contest any budding science fiction writer should seriously consider entering.

This unicorn article may be my proudest accomplishment as a writer, despite the headache it was to research and write (or perhaps because of that). So please click here and find out what things might be like if unicorns were real!