Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Perhaps the greatest disappointment of the 21st Century is that we still don’t have flying cars.  We were promised, damn it.  Old timey Sci-Fi lied to us.  This should have happened back in the year 2000!  However, the 21st Century is young, and maybe—just maybe—we’re starting to catch up.

Introducing the Transition by Terrafugia.  According to the manufacturer’s website, the Transition is a street-legal aircraft currently in development.  The anticipated price tag is a mere $279,000.  Check out the video:

Based on the video, the Transition doesn’t appear to be a “true” flying car but rather a hybridization of car and airplane.  This isn’t a vehicle that levitates.  It does not hover in the air like Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder.  I would assume that to purchase one, you will first have to earn your pilot’s license, and I can tell you that is a much more complicated process than a relatively quick and painless trip to the D.M.V.

However, this is the beginning.  The fact that a company now exists and is working toward the ultimate dream of the 21st Century hints at more to come.  According to Terrafugia’s website, other flying car designs are already in development.

P.S.: Don’t forget that levitating trains already exist!