#IWSG: Dear Muse

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Dear Muse,

2021 turned out to be one of the absolute worst years of my life.  I will not go so far as to call it my worst year ever, but I will say that it was a close second.

We didn’t get much writing done, you and I, in the past year.  Plans got derailed.  Opportunities were missed.  Financially speaking, our writing/illustrating business survived, but it will be a real challenge getting back to where we were a year ago.

Couldn’t be helped.  Under the circumstances, things could have ended up being a whole lot worse.  I want to thank you, dear muse, for being patient with me, for biding your time while I struggled, and for waiting until the situation improved.  I needed that time to deal with this past year’s problems, and I needed time to heal from this year’s problems as well.

As I already said, 2021 was only the second worst year of my life.  I’m sure you still remember the first.  I’m also sure you remember what happened next: how our writing and our art flourished, how the year that followed my #1 worst year became one of my absolute creative best!  Nobody asks for hardship, but hardship has a way of preparing us for change and for growth.  After all the problems of 2021, I am eager to see what we can accomplish in 2022.

So in the year to come, dear muse, I’m asking you for a gift: the gift of words.  All the words!  Surprise me—no, shock me with your wildest ideas.  Break the molds I’m used to for all my stories, knock me out of the comfortable grooves I’ve settled into over the years.  Test my limits.  Challenge me.  Make me write things I never imagined I’d write.

This past year was awful for me, but that’s behind me now (I think).  So muse, bring me all the words!  I’m ready!

Forever yours,
Your Writer.



Sorry about that.  Hello, James’s friends.  This is James’s muse.  I’m going to take over writing this blog post while James gets some sleep.

First of all, I’m sure James would like to thank all of you who read and enjoyed his posts for the A to Z Challenge.  James is proud of what he accomplished with this year’s challenge, or I imagine he will be once he wakes up.

I’m also sure James would like you to know that The Medusa Effect: A Tomorrow News Network Novella is now available for preorder on Amazon.  The Medusa Effect is the first in a series of novella-length science fiction stories that James plans to write.  It’s all about time travel and outer space stuff, or something like that.

Okay, I really don’t know what James’s book is about.  I’m just his muse.  My job is to sprinkle fairy dust on James’s head whenever he runs out of ideas.  I’m pretty good at sprinkling fairy dust on people, but I don’t pay much attention to what my writer actually writes.

Anyway, a more proper announcement and cover reveal will be coming soon.  But for those of you who’ve been asking, or anybody else who’s curious, you can preorder The Medusa Effect now by clicking here.

In the meantime, I’m going to let James sleep.  That A to Z Challenge took a lot out of him.  James will be back to regular blogging on Monday with his A to Z Reflections post, then James and I will both see you on Wednesday for May’s meeting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.