You find a newswoman at your front door.  She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she’s from the future.  She hasn’t come to do a story about anything you’ve done or anything that’s already happened in your life; her report is about your future.  Something wonderful–or terrible–is about to occur.  Something newsworthy.

The Tomorrow News Network is the only news agency run by time travelers.  Their reporters venture across the known universe, covering the biggest stories of all time.  Their broadcasts bring viewers the news before it happens, except those viewers who could change it.  Those viewers only see static.

As journalists, T.N.N. reporters cannot interfere, cannot take sides, cannot change history to suit their own biases or allow history to be changed by others.  That would be unethical.  So you and anyone who might help you are clueless, and the newswoman at your front door will never give you any hints.  You’ll just have to face whatever it is you’re about to face knowing the rest of the universe is watching.

Good luck.


Visit to read James Pailly’s new short story series.  Each month, from January to October, 2012, will feature a new adventure with Tomorrow News Network reporter Talie Tappler and her cameraman, Mr. Cognis.  Join them as they cover the Roswell crisis, the assassination of Earth’s first president, a holy war in the Orion Nebula, and much, much more.

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