IWSG: A Muse’s Apprentice

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We all know writers feel insecure sometimes. That’s what the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is all about. What we writers might not realize, or may sometimes forget, is that our muses get insecure too.

With that in mind, I’m going to turn the floor over to my muse. She has something to say, and maybe it’s something you or your muse would like to hear.

* * *

We all know the rule: one muse per writer. There just aren’t enough of us fairy-folk around to start doubling up. But I wish I could have a helper or an assistant or something. I wish I had an apprentice muse working under me. Then I could really get stuff done.

Sp07 Two Muses

The truth is I can’t do everything myself. I can put as many ideas into my writer’s head as I want, but that doesn’t mean he’ll write them down. You know how humans are. They’re easily distracted. Their minds wander. They keep complaining about being “too tired.”

It would be nice if I could get some help. Unfortunately, King Oberon and Queen Titania have rejected my requests to start a muse internship program. That leaves me only one option: I’ll have to convince my writer to pull his own weight. Well, that plus the weight of a pen, I guess.

That way, when I give my writer ideas, he’ll be able to move his own hand over to the paper, without any magical help at all.

24 thoughts on “IWSG: A Muse’s Apprentice

    1. I mean, my blog is primarily a science blog. Anyone can join. I don’t like telling people that they should or shouldn’t sign up for something, but I’ve found IWSG to be a very positive way to get the month started.

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      1. Right. I mean I don’t have a blog in which I make chatty posts or publish small or sample work. I set my blog up as a serial book. I couldn’t participate. I’d just be mooching, reading other people’s blogs. I may still do that when I see it linked, but I couldn’t add it to my wordpress reader because the group is hosted on blogger.

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  1. What I need is a muse that can take my basic words and polish them up into words that sound like a real author wrote them. that’d speed up my writing process considerably.

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