Robot Uprising

Did anyone pay attention to all those movies where robots rise up against their human masters?  Should we worry that we’re turning cars into robots and teaching them to drive themselves?  Should we worry that increasing numbers of us have robots in our homes helping with our chores?  Should we worry that we’ve armed robotic drones and sent them off to fight our wars for us?

Of course we’re nowhere near the point where a robot becomes self aware and starts asking awkward questions about the meaning of life, but we know it will inevitably happen.  So how close is the danger?  How soon will the robots rebel?  In all those movies, people don’t seem to realize how smart the robots have become until it’s too late.

So should we worry?  Maybe, but I have a feeling the robot uprising will look less like the Terminator or Matrix movies and more like this:

Eliminate All Humans

2 thoughts on “Robot Uprising

  1. Love it. With any luck the evil robots will be so busy downloading software updates, and repairing their drivers that we’ll be able to get the upper hand.


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